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With more than nineteen years of experience in the telecommunications industry, I bring valuable technical knowledge and innovations to the table and look forward to learning more in my next challenging opportunity.

Telecommunications / Networking:

  • fixed telecommunication network,
  • technical documentation related to fixed network,
  • practical experience in cabling for Telecommunication Company,
  • transmission,
  • UMTS Terrestrial Radio Access Network (Siemens-RNC/NodeB and Nokia-RNC/WBTS radio side),
  • Huawei GPRS Core Network (SGSN, GGSN, M2000, ATCA OSTA, PGP-8, PGP-16, CPCI, SUN M4000, SUN V890)

IT Experience:

  • Installing LAN networks,
  • Configuring and administrating WIN2000 server, WIN2003 server (AD active directory, ftp server , web server configuring, RAS, VPN, firewall, proxies, router, switch, structured cabling, ISA, mail server, newsgroup server, dns, dhcp, share server, printer server, RAID, ADSL, DSL, FTTH, DYNDNS, domain, Linux, windows ….).
  • Installations and configurations operating system WIN98, WIN2000, WIN XP, WIN2003 on personal computers and small servers.
  • I worked a lot with databases. I was included on specifics jobs processes where my job where creating Access databases for special purposes with advanced use (permissions, DSN, VB, MACRO, SQL…), also I have basic work experience with SQL server and ORACLE.
  • Forms for databases over web access php or asp.
  • Web pages in html and interactive web applications in php, asp, CMS,….
  • I was make presentations in FLASH and PowerPoint for few projects regarding to telecommunication marketing in T-com.

Having the technical experience in both fields allows me to understand telecommunication and informatics from an unusual perspective.
Result of this approach was also one official patent P20100089A.

With my employment in SIEMENS my knowledge is more expanded in telecommunications networking field. I worked on UMTS 3G radio side (RNC and NodeB). Key words (NBAP, ALCAP, SYNC, O&M, transmission, STM-1, IMA group, SDH, PDH, HDSL, Radio Commander, RNC, NodeB, E1,…).

I have basic knowledge regarding CORE MSC, MGW, MSS because radio part is connected to core and also depends about core part.

With NSN I learned more about new equipment and different ways of approaching configuration, implementing and troubleshooting. I was included in integrating RNC and WBTS to network, swap, data build and data fill. Keywords (RNC, WBTS, FLEXI, DNBAP, CNBAP, AAL2, NetAct, CM editor, CM, Object browser, NED, COCO, UBR, UBR+, CBR, TCP/IP, HIT, Remedy….).

When WiMAX started projects in Croatia I have interests for new technology and on my own initiative I was involved in to installing WiMAX equipment. Also I worked with Alvarion point to multipoint equipment one short period (transmission).
With HUAWEI my knowledge and practice extend on PS core side (SGSN, GGSN) including new EPCore (USN, HSS, UGW). HUAWEI give me opportunity to learn new technologies like FEMTO and 4G (LTE EPC).

Key skills

  • Enthusiasm and technical background and natural gift for new techniques, I am adept at solving complex technical problems quickly and efficiently.
  • Willing to work with and learn new equipment and processes,
  • Always implement some innovative solutions for better problem solving and improving work or job process,
  • Lead technical part of process or project,
  • Go over every process step in advance to be sure that process is correct before we start,
  • Open minded and trustworthy.
  • Excellent team lead, and team participant skills.

Career history

Affirmed Networks                                                     05.05.2014. – Present
Senior Resident Engineer

Affirmed Networks is great company because IT and telecommunication are joined together here.

My responsibilities in IT part start from installing ESXi on HP DL380, HP C7000 enclosures blades BL460, configure enclosures over onboard administrators, blades over ILO, installing vCenter, administering vCenter, configuring flex fabric switches as well HP 6125 switches, installations win2012 servers with needed features, setup SQL servers and much more...
Telecommunication part is like always huge and complex, but I can describe it simple like PS Core and EPC but Affirmed one is in Cloud.
Huawei Technologies d.o.o.                                                      01.05.2010. – 30.04.2014.
Mobile Network Engineer
As Mobile Network Engineer my main responsibility in Huawei is GPRS Core Network.
Fast growing company gives me opportunity to extend knowledge on new technologies 4G and core side which improve my overview and understanding mobile network in wide area.
Excellent Staff Award -  June 2010 Huawei
Excellent Staff Award for Outstanding learning progress in the field of engineering
NOKIA SIEMENS NETWORKS ZAGREB d.o.o.                       01.06.2008. – 30.04.2010.
Customer Service Engineer – Zagreb, Croatia
As Customer Service Engineer at NSN I was included in maintenance of 3G network in T-mobile Croatia define by local SLA, partially ticket handling on Level1 CIC and Level2 GCC, implementation of new NSN RNC-s and WBTS-s in trials and live network.
I was part of team for data build and data fill and worked on swapping from Siemens to NSN. We used NetAct tools, Plan Editor, Daisy, object browser, WBTS element manager, HIT and other like Microsoft Office or 3 party software.
Siemens d.d.                                                                          10.01.2005. – 01.06.2008
Specialist in service - UTRAN
As specialist in service at Siemens Croatia I was partially on SLA, NodeB rollout in the beginning of 3G in Croatia T-mobile, hardware and configuration Siemens RNC extensions and Lead Engineer on ticket handling RCC Level 2 support for 3G radio (RNC and NodeB). Remedy is ticket handling system. In Siemens I worked mostly with 3G.
Hrvatski telekom d.d. (Today T-com)                                       01.01.1999 - 09.01.2005
Software & IT expert of team
As software & IT expert of team I was in the head quarters of the construction department.  In construction department there were about 1500 employees. My role was to make cost saving in IT, decide which software tools we will use for every project and process (internal or external). Before I start with this responsible role, I was developing some process tools in asp and sql server. In this time I learned most of my IT knowledge which I mentioned in profile part of cv.
Hrvatske telekomunikacije d.d.                                            01.04.1996. - 31.12.1998
Field technician
At beginning of my professional career I worked as a field technician for fixed telecommunication network. Here I learned about practical things in telecommunications and about field work. I worked in field with Fiber..
After some period I change departments, and began to work in Autodesk (AutoCAD) to draw telecommunication plans for cabling. From that point I start to work actively with PC-s and software.


• Dates (from – to)                                           8.9.1990.-24.06.1994.
• Name and type of organization                       Telecommunication school – Kuslanova 52
• Providing education and training                     Electrotechnics
• Dates (from – to)                                           22.12.1995-15.01.1996.
• Name and type of organization                       Telecommunication school – Kennedy square
• Providing education and training                     Telecommunication science
• Dates (from – to)                                           October 2001
• Name and type of organization                       VEST – Split university
• Providing education and training                     Informatics science
On 3 year transfer to Zagreb university
• Dates (from)                                                10. 2006.  -
• Name and type of organization                       FPZ  - Zagreb university (CROATIA)
Telecommunication science

Courses, certificates and awards              

  1. Innovation - patent number P20100089A
  2. HUAWEI excellent staff award for outstanding learning progress in the field of engineering 2010
  3. Nokia Siemens Networks award for successfully finished tasks on project for Deutsche telecom Croatia
  4. Business English
  5. COGNOS PowerPlay
  6. K15 Monitoring
  7. Microsoft Excel - expert
  8. Microsoft Project 2003
  9. NET - Networking
  10. SCCS Certificate
  11. SCCS Mobile Maintenance Engineer 3G Radio
  12. TCP-IP networking
  13. UMTS Signaling and K15 Monitoring
  14. UNIX
  15. UTRAN and UMTS Radio Protocols
  16. UTRAN Field Service Specialist Training
  17. UTRAN HSDPA Trial Workshop
  18. UTRAN RNC O and M
  19. UTRAN RNC UMR5.0 Commissioning
  20. UTRAN UMR5.0 Radio Network Parameters
  21. WayMAX Installation and Commissioning
  22. SCCS Mobile Maintenance Engineer 3G Radio 2007
  23. Nokia Siemens Networks – 3G RAN essentials
  24. Nokia Siemens Networks – 3G radio access network integration
  25. Nokia Siemens Networks – NetAct 3G Network Surveillance
  26. EZZ – certificate for EZZ passive equipment (structured cabling)
  27. Government license for alarms and other technical protection systems





Reading skills GOOD
Writing skills GOOD
Verbal skills GOOD



Reading skills BASIC
Writing skills BASIC
Verbal skills BASIC

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